TIMER How to WIRE a Digital Immersion Timer
Before starting any electrical work, make sure the mains supply is turned off at the consumer unit.
Unscrew the fixing screw to remove the cover at the bottom of the timer, exposing the terminals.
For the bottom cable entry, carefully remove the knockouts with a suitable tool, ensuring the edges are smooth.
Cut and remove the cable sheathing to suit the timer and terminal positions.
Use the cable clamps to secure the cable into position.
Insert the bare ends of the cable into the terminals as per the wiring instructions.
Fully tighten the terminal screws and make sure that no bare copper is exposed outside of the terminal.
Test that the wires are fixed in properly by pulling on the cable. If wire comes loose, repeat from step 6.
Refit cover onto the front of the timer unit.
Restore power to the circuit at the consumer unit and test.
safety instructions
  • DO install in accordance with local building regulations
  • DO use in accordance with the wiring instructions
  • DO use cable of correct rating, size and type, to prevent fire hazard
  • DO NOT exceed maximum load of 3840 Watts, 16(2)A
  • DO NOT immerse in water. If cleaning is required, wipe with a dry cloth
  • DO NOT use if damaged
  • DO NOT use outdoors
If in doubt consult a competent electrician
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C Operating Time: Continuous
Operating Voltage: 22-240V 50Hz Pollution Degree: 2
Max Load: 16(2) A Rated Impulse Voltage: 4 kV
Switch Type: 16A relay Temperature of Ball Pressure Test: Category D
Terminal Capacity: 1.5-2.5mm2 Flexible Cable Power ON light: Yes
Time Period: 7 day Output Light: Yes
environmental protection
This symbol is known as the ‘Crossed-out Wheelie Bin Symbol’. When this symbol is marked on a product or battery. It means that it should not be disposed of with your general household waste. Some chemicals contained within electrical/electronic products or batteries can be harmful to health and the environment. Only dispose of electrical/electronic/battery items in seperate collection schemes, which cater for the recovery and recycling of materials contained within. Your co-operation is vital to ensure the success of these schemesand for the protection of the enivironment.

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