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AT 30m 35m

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Power LED indicator

Power LED indicator

Localized power switch

Power switch control

Thermal reset button

Thermal reset Button

Thermal reset button

Easy wind handle

Innovative product design that combines practicality with strong robust aesthetics. The 'Anti-twist' design means the centre area stays fixed whilst the drum rotates.

  • Centre socket does not rotate, meaning any connected plugs and cables do not 'twist' when the drum rotates
  • Uses same socket as other reels:
    • LED Power Indicator
    • Switched socket - controlling power where you are working
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Integral cable tidy
  • Fold-out rear wind handle
  • Up to 30mm rubber H05RR-F 1.5mm² or 35m PVC H05VV-F 1.5mm² cable
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Product Information

Part Number OATFU30134SL-PX
Cable Length 35m
Cable Type H05VV-F 1.25mm²
Sockets 4 Sockets
AMP 13
Product Dimensions(cm) H:29 x W:28 x D:22


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